frequently asked questions

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What time of day is best to have our pictures taken?

Depending on where your session is, it could be any time of the day. The hours before sunset and after sunrise are the best in any outdoor location since the light is warm and welcoming. But if we are inside or in a location where there is a lot of shade, any time of day can work to get great pictures.


What should we wear?

What you wear can make or break the photograph. Clothing can add composition, color, and personality to your pictures.

For newborns, keep it simple! Nakedness, diapers, and onesies are best. Soft blankets, big socks, and big, textured hats can really add to your photos. Make sure you apply baby lotion since newborns usually have flaky, dry skin the first couple of weeks.

For babies, try to keep it comfy and simple. Try to stay away from big dresses or suits. Have them wear clothes that they fit in at the time of the session, and try not to dress them in clothes that they still need to grow into.

For families, I suggest that you don’t dress alike or wear matching colors. This does not look as good in pictures. I suggest selecting a color scheme and wearing coordinating colors in that scheme. Remember that personality with your clothing really adds to the picture, so lots of accessories, texture, and anything with “grit” in it will look good.  Layers add depth to your photographs, so if the weather permits, layer your colors and textures.

Make sure to bring your chapstick, and if you have anything that you don’t want to wear in your photoshoot, such as watches, rings, glasses, etc., be sure to take them off at least an hour before your session so that you won’t have red marks on your skin.


If I can't think of a location do you have suggestions?

I’m happy to give you suggestions on location. Do you want urban or nature? Grungy or clean cut? Think about what kind of setting you want and the feel that you want in your pictures and I’m happy to think of ideas for you. Keep in mind that usually the best locations are those that you would never want to really hang out in. The dirty, the broken down, and the abandoned usually turn out the best pictures.

For newborn sessions I recommend shooting from the comfort of your own home. This is easier for both the baby, and for recovering moms.


Can we bring more than one outfit for our session?

Of course! You can change as many times as you can fit into your session.


How long will it take to see our photographs?

Most sessions are posted within two weeks to an online gallery and I’ll send you the link to your personal gallery once they are ready. For weddings please allow a little more time to handle the volume of pictures taken.


How long do you keep pictures from our session? Can we order more pictures later?

I believe in keeping pictures forever. All of the pictures I take are backed up in two locations. You are free to contact me and order more whenever you like.


Can we pay for our session with a credit card or over the internet and is it safe?

Yes, I run all credit card payments through PayPal so no one ever sees your card information, therefore keeping you safe and protected. For credit card and online payments please notify me at least 5 days prior to our session so that I can send you the proper information to do so. Otherwise, payment is due at the time of the session.


How often should I have my child photographed?

Of course I suggest you have your child photographed as often as possible. Their first years go by so fast and you never get them back!

For newborn pictures I suggest booking a session in the first two weeks of life. They are still peaceful and flexible, and will usually sleep through the entire session, allowing us to get those sweet newborn pictures. Contact me with your due date and I will schedule your newborn session within the first two weeks after that.

After that, it is best to take pictures when they are around 5 to 6 months of age. This is usually when they are sitting up, smiling, laughing, and interacting with you and with the camera. However, you can have pictures taken of your child at any time.

For maternity shoots, I suggest that you take your pictures between 7 and 8 ½ months. They turn out best when your belly is at that beautiful round stage, and it is usually around that time. I am also available for in hospital shoots as well. Contact me for details.


Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes. Please contact me for details.